Being There First!

My firstt post. Exciting. It’s important to be being there first. You have the chance to get bought by another company or have a head start on everything. The same goes for all the preparations as a person like me. Being there first with all your arrangements, for example when living and working abroad like I have to do. You get two options. One is that your company will arrange everything or at least help out. And the other is that you have to do the research. That latter one is more for me. Insurance companies are all of a sudden more difficult to find as you have no reference. Also finding websites with directories of places where you can stay is not easily found. That’s why it’s important in my eyes, BEING THERE FIRST!

I had to go through a lot to get where I am today. The most difficult things were in the preparations all the other things were quite easy to be honest. I had to find a excellent international health insurance because I would be traveling a lot. I had to find an affordable place to rent, best if it was all furnished already. And last things need to be smooth for me, so I need to have all the documents ready.